Why and how often you should really clean your makeup brushes

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Not so long ago we did survey in our Instagram story on the subject Clean brush made. After the result is clear to you Blog post about brush care fell, of course we wrote one for you.
There let's answer questions such as "How often should you wash your brushes?" - "How do I best care for my brushes?" etc..

Well - follow us into the bathroom - We wish you have fun while reading.

“How often should you wash your brushes?

We have a lot of news to the point Frequency of care achieved - in general you can no blanket statement how often you do his Makeup Brushes should wash. There are beauty junkies who are yours Favorite brush even every day to every use to wash. Then again there are people who wash them maybe once a month.
Our recommendation at this point: Find one fixed day of the week and mark it in yours Calendar or planner as a brush washing day. This is how you lead one weekly routine one and it falls to you over time easier to maintain your brushes.

Why is brush care so important?

This point suits us very dear to my heart, because the Care is as well important as the Conjure up his make-up looks. Through the use of the brush and the contact, collect Bacteria in the brush hairs on - no need to worry - this is quite normal, but it can get through regular maintenance contain. This buildup of bacteria can cause it to Skin redness and blemishes come. Since we Generally avoid impurities want is that Care an important part from that. Because before you a lot of money for care & cream products the issue is regular brush care cost-effective approach to reduce potential impact with regard blemished skin.

A another important point In addition to hygiene, it goes without saying that our make-up brushes are favorites beautifully supple and soft stay. Our beloved beauty tools should also look beautiful in the future and the do what they promise. Especially when you have to higher quality beauty brushes picks up & spends a little more money, you should definitely take care of it regularly and carefully. also evaluates one thereby his Dressing table but right back up a little - and what's up More beautiful than a neat and clean dressing table?

How do I best care for my brushes?

Now that we have the Often & importance of brush care we want you too, of course not withhold the correct application.
What do I need to prepare?
Your used make-up brushes - who would have thought? Joking aside - get in clean towel next to the sink, take You have curd soap or special brush soap on hand and of course yours Brush cleaning pad (If you don't have a pad, you can of course use your hand temporarily).
Important when washing: Brush with the Hair down let show so that Water does not build up in the hair.

First, wash the brushes off briefly and moisten them. Then you take your Cleaning pad at hand and give something Soap on the pad surface. If you don't have a cleaning pad on hand - use the palm of your hand for it.
Now you start in circular motions and work the Soap well into the hairs. The advantage with our heart-shaped cleaning pad are the three differently shaped nebula surfaces. These take care of an optimal resultby putting the soap on really every job is incorporated & the hairs then wonderfully clean are. Now just with Rinse off with water and you're done. After you this Repeat the process for each brush you can have hairs dry gently on your towel.

Danger: Before you put your makeup brushes down to dry - make sure you have the Brush hairs in their approximate original shape bring.

Wait until the brushes are dry again - Now they are soft and comfortable again and you can conjure up your looks optimally again.

Pro tip: Hang the brushes with the Head down using hair ties e.g. at a Heating towel rail on. So can you perfectly dry in the air.

Definitely Avoid !:

The wet brush while drying in place your brush holder. That ensures that not drying the water properly can, seeps down and with it yours Hair can fall out in the long term or your Style can break.


This year will even be a new one MAVIOR BEAUTY brush collection released, which can float upside down in the air & dry there - WOW Magic right?  You can be curious!


We hope you guys have ours Blog post liked. Write us gladly your feedback or
your insider tips on brush care. For example, do you have one like the one above Brush care routine described?

See you soon & best regards

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