Max Mavior grew up in a suburb of Herzogenaurach, the founding city of the global brands Adidas and Puma. Through his grandfather Georg, who had been working as a tailor for the traditional Franconian fashion house Wöhrl since the 1950s, he developed a sense of style and fashion awareness in his early years.

While still at school, Max Mavior felt an inner urge for independence and self-fulfillment, which should become a way of life after graduation.


In order to create a basic basis for his plans, he began a business administration degree at the Friedrich-Alexander University in Nuremberg. The fashion designer Philipp Plein became more and more his role model - not least because its origin was in the same region and he had visited the same university. Already at the beginning of his studies, Max Mavior developed his first own fashion collection with friends, which however was doomed to failure due to miscalculation and a lack of experience.


On a visit to an art exhibit by Ella Don, a good friend of his, he was struck by the idea of ​​make-up brushes, which are more than just a make-up tool. "Make-up dresses a person according to their requirements and ideas at any time of day, for every type and does not need a size label."


With the unique design of his make-up brushes, he wanted to create an optical piece of jewelry on each person's make-up table. So the circle between the Fashion & Beauty world closed.


The brand MAVIOR BEAUTY was born - a vision became reality.


He exchanged views with numerous make-up artists & influencers and developed from his student room his first own Rosé Golden Dreams brush collection in 2018.


"I remember well how the first prototypes were tested together with a good friend & beauty blogger. After catching up on several opinions, I kept tweeting the brush design until the final collection was finally finished."

Although there was spot and suspicion from the outside, I did not stop myself. I always said to myself: Men like Karl Lagerfeld, Christian Dior or Yves Saint Laurent have influenced the female Beauty & Fashion world, although at first no one believed it - I can do it! ".


Driven by his idea, Max Mavior sometimes worked up to 80 hours a week at his company, week after week. However, in order to finance his company, he was also working as a student trainee at Siemens:


"I was obsessed with my idea and vision and always had the goal in mind. I work hard and a lot, but I do not mind. I know what I'm doing for it. Believe in your goals and your abilities and everything is." possible. "


 A milestone in the history of Mavior Beauty GmbH was a spontaneous meeting with Tina Müller, the managing director of the perfumery chain Douglas at the OMR trade fair in Hamburg. A quick look into the project and vision of MAVIOR BEAUTY kicked off the Douglas Online Listing of the first collection. Beauty bloggers such as Hatice Schmidt, Julia Beautx or fashion bloggers like Caro Daur suddenly blogged with feeds and stories about the brushes.


"The feedback from happy and satisfied customers is an indescribable feeling."


The positive response, the increase in sales as well as the rapidly growing Instagram community ensure that the second collection CHERRY BLOSSOM got available for purchase in September 2019

Up-to-date information on the brand and the new collections were presented at the GlowCon by DM in Stuttgart and at the IBE X Douglas Convention in Berlin 2019.

Stay tuned for 2020, to be continued ...


in love,